Art Directors Club of Europe

We were enlisted to devise an identity for the two areas of ADC*E activities–its call for entries and competition (dubbed Stargazing), and a one-day conference with speakers Peter Saville, Ami Hasan and Mauro Pastore: a mighty trio that inspired the title Syzygy (astronomy terminology for the alignment of three celestial objects). Taking cues from astronomy’s use of diagrams and colour coding to describe the location and properties of stars, we devised a set of geometric drawings for Stargazing and dramatic representations of total eclipses for Syzygy. The idea parallels with the three design and advertising stars who headline the event. After this ‘eclipse’ of speakers, the winners of the ADC*E awards would shine the day after. To emphasise the metaphor of the eclipse we glued a black shiny vinyl on top of each star, recreating an eclipse with paper. With Richard Sarson. See also Posters, Miscellaneous