Mercè Rodoreda, Mirror of Languages

Palau Robert

The catalogue for an exhibition based on the translation of Rodoreda’s The Time of Doves into different languages has been designed in a format that conjures up the well-travelled nature of Rodoreda’s words. Eschewing the stay-at-home traditional book format, the catalogue is designed as a packet of eleven postcards, each featuring a different language translation of the opening paragraph of The Time of Doves. Each card is colour-coded to differentiate the languages and relate to a chart breaking down the distribution of translations of Rodoreda’s work around the world. Each postcard is set in a font that reflects a country’s language, for example Didot for France and Baskerville for the UK. There is also an A2 fold-out poster featuring covers of forty-eight editions of Rodoreda novels in different languages form the 1960s until now. Everything is housed together in a neat pocket-sized case, completing this catalogue as an informative, portable memento of Rodoreda’s work in translation.